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Experience the DocNow Advantage: Accurate Transcription, Automated Documentation, Customizable Templates and more.

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    Accurate Transcription

    DocNow transcribes clinician-patient conversations with exceptional accuracy and automatically performs speaker diarisation.

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    Automated Documentation

    DocNow combines the power of ASRs and domain-specific LLMs to automatically generate high quality medical documentations.

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    Customisable Templates

    Choose from our pre-defined templates tailored for different medical fields, or create your personalized templates.

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    Integrated EMR

    Our integrated EMR system enables efficient patient data management and automated medical records derived from documentations.

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    Configurable Retention

    DocNow allows you to choose the storage duration for transcriptions and documentations, ensuring complete control over your data.

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    Multi Platform

    DocNow is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. our platform is accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

How It Works

STEP 1: Start Recording

Start the recording after obtaining consent from the patient.

STEP 2: See the Patient

Immerse in patient interaction as DocNow handles documentation.

STEP 3: Review and Save

Review, edit or regenerate notes, then copy or sync into your EHR.

See It In Action

Doctors save 2-3 hours per day


DocNow empowers healthcare providers to save time, improve efficiency and enhance patient experience.

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    Save Time

    With DocNow, healthcare providers can drastically cut down the time they spend on administrative tasks. This allows them to invest more time in patient care, research, or other high-priority tasks.

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    Reduce Burnout

    By automating tedious tasks such as administration and patient record keeping, DocNow alleviates stress for healthcare providers, reducing burnout and fostering a better work-life balance.

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    Enhance Engagement

    With DocNow handling note-taking, healthcare providers can maintain eye contact and engage more effectively with their patients. This can lead to better patient satisfaction and trust.

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    Personalised Care

    By streamlining administrative tasks, DocNow allows healthcare providers to focus more on individual patients. This empowers providers to deliver more personalized care, enhancing the overall patient experience and outcomes.

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    Improve Efficiency

    DocNow automates the process of patient record-keeping and retrieval with its integrated EMR. The rapid and streamlined access to patient information accelerates decision-making, leading to more efficient healthcare delivery.

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    Continuous Improvement

    DocNow learns from user feedback and adapts to usage patterns. This means the more you use DocNow, the better it becomes at understanding your specific needs and preferences, resulting in increasingly accurate documentation.

Security & Compliance

DocNow is commited to ensure security & compliance with rigorous access control, bank-level encyption and data anonymisation

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    Strict Access Control

    Every member of our team undergoes rigorous security training to ensure they understand and adhere to our stringent data protection protocols. Our internal systems adhere to Zero Trust Access policy, and the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is mandatory.

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    End-to-end encryption

    DocNow implements SSL encryption for data in-transit, and database encryption-at-rest for data at-rest, alongside field-level encryption for specific sensitive data fields in-use. This multi-tiered approach guarantees the utmost protection of data at every stage.

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    Data Anonymisation

    DocNow employs data anonymization techniques. This means that identifiable information is removed, encrypted or processed in a way that it can no longer be associated with a specific individual, adding an extra layer of security to the stored data.

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    HIPAA Compliant

    DocNow ensures HIPAA compliance via strict authorization protocols, robust encryption of data, and frequent security audits. DocNow maintains rigorous control over access to personal health information (PHI), educating staff on HIPAA regulations and implementing secure PHI disposal procedures.

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    APA 1988 Compliant

    DocNow is compliant with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, including adherence to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that govern the collection, use, and handling of personal information. Our security measures align with these principles, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data at all stages.

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    Data Sovereignty

    DocNow deploys separate infrastructure for different regions, ensuring that patient data is stored solely in the country of origin and does not cross borders. This approach guarantees that each region's data privacy regulations are adhered to and that the integrity of patient information is maintained at all times.

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